Will Trunk Light Drain Battery? [Practical Answer]

Will trunk light drain battery

Not a long past. The cars don’t have trunk lights. But, you may find each car has a trunk light. From this light, you will get many advantages and disadvantages.

Will trunk light drain battery? A trunk light is ready to drain the battery. It takes a few hours to drain the battery. This problem arises when you don’t close the light properly and leave it on the whole night. So, it is true that trunk lights drain your vehicle battery.

But what is the relation between trunk light and battery? Or, which things should you keep in mind to save the battery when you use a trunk light? Stay connected to get premium tips and tricks as well as a complete discussion.

What Is Trunk Light?

The trunk light is a bulb located at the top of the car trunk. It is a high-powered light that helps drivers to drive safely at night.

Moreover, the trunk light is connected to the battery of the car. Its DC power system takes power from a battery and provides shine at night or in a dark space.

Trunk light takes much power from the battery. That’s why the experts recommend using the light when the drivers need it. And, of course, they should turn off the light to save the battery.

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Relation Between Trunk Light & Battery

Without using the battery, the trunk is unable to work. You have to use a battery system to get a proper lighting system from the trunk light.

The manufacturer used a DC power system converter, which helps the light convert the power independently. Moreover, the battery and trunk light are interconnected with the wires.

Some of the cargo also used an automatic system. When the trunk light sensor found dark space, it automatically started to work. To know more about this matter, you can check out your vehicle’s user manual light section.

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Will Trunk Light Drain Battery?

The answer is yes. Trunk light drain battery. It takes a few hours to drain your vehicle’s battery. A trunk light is a bulb that takes much power from your vehicle battery and makes the battery drain.

The battery will be drained to take more or less time based on the condition of the battery. If the battery comes with a low health condition, your battery will be drained within a very limited time.

On the other hand, trunk light also comes with different power. If your vehicle trunk light comes with powerful elements, the battery takes less time to drain.

Overall, plenty of factors worked to make the battery drain after using the trunk light. So, you have to be careful when you are going to use trunk lights on your vehicle.

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This Causes That Trunk Light To Drain The Battery

Undoubtedly, you will discover plenty of reasons on the web to make the battery drain. But, the main causes to use light, especially high power light like trunk light.

When you keep the light turned on for a long-time, even the whole night, your vehicle battery doesn’t take much time to drain. Moreover, you should continuously switch off the light after using the light for 3-5 hours.

On the other hand, a digital dashboard, control panel, AC, and other things also make the battery down. Overall, you need to be careful to use these things to save the battery.

When you use an old battery, it would be advisable for you to avoid using high-power trunk lights at any cost because it doesn’t take much time to drain your battery.

Will My Car Battery Die If I Leave My Trunk Open?

When you leave your vehicle trunk open, undoubtedly, the battery will be drained because the trunk takes much power from the battery and finally makes the battery down.

The battery will be damaged when you turn on the trunk light for the whole night or for a long time. On the other hand, the trunk takes much more power than other things vehicles.

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How to Leave Trunk Open without Killing Battery?

It is a little bit tricky to save the battery from killing when you use the trunk of your vehicle. You should not leave the trunk open when you don’t need the trunk.

However, from this section, you will discover some tips and tricks to leave your trunk as much as possible without killing the battery.

  • First, you have to keep turning off the trunk when you don’t need to use it
  • Second, try to take a break after long-time uses of the trunk
  • Third, use quality battery or premium grade battery
  • Don’t forget to charge the battery regularly
  • If possible, try to use less power trunk light

These points are enough to save the battery when you want to leave the trunk. I would love to suggest you turn off the trunk when you don’t need to use it.

Can I Permanently Remove Trunk Lights?

Of course, you can permanently remove trunk lights. Some experts recommended removing the trunk lights to save the battery and also avoid other problems.

Before removing the trunk light, you should keep in mind that the lights help you a lot to drive at night and in dark spaces. Especially the light helps drivers safely drive on the road.

However, you don’t need to worry about the trunk lights if you have a new battery. But, if the battery is older, the battery will be drained. Based on the battery condition, you can make the right decision.

It is very simple to remove the light. You need to disconnect all of the wires and power supply to hassle-free remove the trunk light permanently.

What Is Draining My Car Battery When Its Off?

When you turn off the trunk light on your vehicle and find a battery drain, you need to understand that other electric things drain the battery. Sometimes, we turn off the trunk, but it still runs and drains the battery.

For example, the dashboard, control panel, indoor lights, AC, speaker, and so many things are also ready to drain the battery of the car. You should check all these things individually to find out the problem.

Similarly, you should also check out the battery’s health condition. If your battery is old enough, it is common thing for the battery to drain quickly. Do a regular inspection of your car as well as a battery to find out the problem.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Will the lights drain the battery?

Answer: Lights of the vehicle takes more power from the battery than other things. Especially, trunk lights are taking much power and drain the battery. So, you can say that your vehicle lights drain the battery.

Q: Do car LED lights drain battery?

Answer: LED lights take less power from the battery. But, they also drain your vehicle battery when you continuously turn on the light for a long-time. You have to be careful when you want to use light on your vehicle.

Q: What car lights drain battery?

Answer: Headlights, trunk lights, interior lights, and some other LED lights on the car also drain the battery. But, when the battery is new or coming in good health condition, you don’t need to worry about the battery drain.

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