What Is ActiveX Seating Material? [Depth Information]

What Is ActiveX Seating Material?

Ford has been using ActiveX seating material for a long-time. They avoid using leather on cars because of finding ActiveX material much better than leather. It is like real leather, but it is not.

So, what is ActiveX seating material? According to Ford, ActiveX is a high-end synthetic material used instead of leather. It is a type of leather, but the product is not actually leather. The manufacturers used ActiveX for easy cleaning, durability, and hassle-free customization.

This article provides you with all of the information which you need to know about ActiveX seating material. Undoubtedly, this article is one of the best resourceful articles for you.

What Is ActiveX?

ActiveX is a high-end synthetic material used for vehicle interior sections. Ford used this material for a long-time because of getting lots of benefits. As I told you in the above section, it looks like leather, but the ActiveX seat material is not leather.

Though Ford uses ActiveX material, you won’t find all of the Ford cars ActiveX material. They used this material for some limited vehicles. On the other hand, some other car companies also use this material because of getting the best performance.

However, car manufacturers are going to use ActiveX seat material widely because of its high-quality performance. From these types of materials, you will easily clean, get durable performance and so on.

Similarly, you will multiple colours, which are also natural. From leather, you hardly find multiple colours. Overall, ActiveX material is good solution than leather.

What Is ActiveX Seating Material?

ActiveX seat material is a high-end synthetic material. Ford manufacturers used this material to replace leather. Moreover, this material is widely used in the car seat, especially in car seats.

To avoid the leather of the car, the manufacturer used ActiveX seat material. Because it is easy to customize, durable, user-friendly, and doesn’t affect the SUV or UV problems.

But, finding ActiveX seating material for all the Ford cars is a little bit tricky. They only use some limited edition cars of ActiveX material.

It looks good, is comfortable, and is capable of increasing the decoration of your car interior. Even you can consider your own colour based on the interior of the car. There are plenty of advantages you will get from ActiveX material.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using ActiveX (A Chart for You)

Using ActiveX material means you will get some advantages and disadvantages. But you will get more advantages than disadvantages. So, check out the following pros and cons section to understand this matter clearly.

It is not breathable like the lather of the carActiveX is not available all the cars
Easy to clean without using chemicalActiveX is not available in all the cars
Never conflict with sunshine or SUV and UVNone
It looks good and is capable of increasing the beautyNone
Easy to customize and replaceNone

Which Materials Used to Make ActiveX Seating Material?

Ford does not share much information about the ingredients of the ActiveX seating material. But, it is true that they don’t use animal-skin or biological things.

They describe that they used high-end synthetic material on ActiveX material. There has a rumour that they used a spin-off of vinyl. It is not true. They don’t use this type of ingredients of the ActiveX material.

Whatever the ingredients of ActiveX seating material make it durable, comfortable, and high-quality. Moreover, the ingredients also avoid crank, which occurs from sunshine or SUV or SUV.

Most car owners believe that ActiveX seating material is a better solution than leather. Because leather becomes hot and cranks after a long-time. But ActiveX never cranks and discolours.

What Is Better, ActiveX Material or Leather (ActiveX Vs Leather)?

Leather is widely used on the vehicle because of easy to afford and use. On the other hand, ActiveX used Ford and the ActiveX material for some limited models.

However, from this section, you will discover some core differences between ActiveX and leather so that you can easily make the difference.

Affordable Budget

First of all, ActiveX is more affordable cost than leather. For a leather interior and consider high-quality leather, you just need to spend some extra money. So, you will purchase ActiveX material without spending much money on leather.

Easy & Less Cost to Repair

If you compare both leather and ActiveX, you will find ActiveX is easy to use and less costly to repair. Leather is hard enough to repair; sometimes, automotive experts cannot.

But ActiveX material is easy to repair, and you never need to spend much money on repairs. Even you don’t need to repair or replace ActiveX material after using it for a long-time.

ActiveX Is Comfortable

Undoubtedly, ActiveX is more breathable than leather. When ActiveX comes in more breathable condition, it is common that you will get more comfortable than leather.

Save Animal

If you love animal and always goes against killing an animal, you should go for ActiveX material. Because ActiveX martial never used animal skin or biological things.

What Are the Similarities between ActiveX Material & Leather?

Though they have lots of dissimilarities, you will still get some similarities between ActiveX and leather. Let’s check them out to get a clear concept about leather and ActiveX.

Soft Touch Feeling

You will get a soft touch feeling from both leather and ActiveX material. Because both of the things used proper finished and soft top elements. Leather and ActiveX are the best options for a soft-touch feeling.

Good Looking

You can easily increase your beauty by using leather or ActiveX material. These two materials are ready to provide a high-quality finish and good-looking performance.

Long-Time Performance

Of course, leather and ActiveX materials are ready to provide long-time performance. Though they have comparatively different performances, it is true that you will get long-lasting performance from both of the materials.

Is ActiveX Becoming Hotter?

The answer is no. ActiveX seating material does not become hotter because the top material of this material easily reflects sunshine, SUV, and UV. ActiveX is not leather, so there is no chance to hot the material.

But, if you park your car under excessive sunshine, it may be a little bit hotter. So, you should not worry about the hot situation when you park your car under the sun.

How to Clean ActiveX Seating Material?

If you want to keep your car ActiveX seat neat and clean, I would love to suggest you check out the following tips and tricks. They are effective, and you don’t need to spend much money cleaning the material.

  • When you don’t use your car for a long-time, cover the car to get clean performance.
  • To clean the ActiveX seating material, you can use soap or chemicals. Note you will get ActiveX cleaning chemicals from both online and offline shops.
  • Park your car under the shade.
  • Vacuum the ActiveX seating material regularly to get a clean performance.
  • Don’t use bad chemicals for shining or cleaning the car seat.

These are the common tips and tricks which you need to follow. If possible, wash your car, especially ActiveX material, every 6 months.

Should You Consider ActiveX Seat Material?

Though some limited brands use ActiveX seat material, I found some car owners and drivers to get some experience.

However, Ford car users thought that ActiveX seating material was much better than leather. Because it provides more softness, is comfortable, is easy to maintain, and is easy to clean, which saves time.

Moreover, some of them told me that the material is a good solution for durability. The ingredients of the materials provide unique decoration to leather.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Is ActiveX seating material better than leather?

Answer: ActiveX material is more breathable than leather, which means that you will get more comfort using ActiveX material. After comparing these two materials, it is clear that ActiveX is budget-friendly, provides durable performance, and is easy to maintain. So, it is clear that ActiveX material is better than leather.

Q: Is ActiveX seating material good enough for my Car?

Answer: ActiveX seating material is far better than leather and some other materials. It provides better performance and more comfortable performance to use. I would love to suggest you check out the above section to make the right decision.

Q: How can you tell if your car used ActiveX seating material?

Answer: You just need to touch the material and find it different from leather. Moreover, you will also take help from your automotive shop to easily find out whether your car uses ActiveX material.

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