Is BMW Carbon Black Metallic Blue? [Explained]

Is BMW carbon black metallic blue

BMW is my dream car and choosing the best colour added extra beauty of the car. If you want to consider a new BMW car, carbon black metallic blue is one of them. This colour is offered by the BMW brand to the users.

Is BMW carbon black metallic blue? The answer is yes. Carbon black metallic blue is known to transition to metallic blue, depending on the light. Undoubtedly, carbon black is the metallic blue of the BMW car brand.

This article provides you with a clear concept of the colour of the BMW car. I think you should get a clear concept about this colour before purchasing your BMW car. So, let’s get started.

What Color Is Carbon Black?

When you go to a dealership or a BMW showroom, you will discover different models of BMW and different colours of the cars. Carbon black is one of them.

The manufacturer of BMW used tar, coal, and petroleum products these elements to make carbon black. Moreover, carbon black changes its colour by itself when it comes to different lighting.

Generally, carbon black is used in the tire section. Because it increases the beauty of the tire as well as the whole car.

Undoubtedly, carbon black provides a unique colour sense for automotive lovers. So, you can go for a carbon black colour for your new BMW car.

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Is BMW Carbon Black Metallic Blue?

BMW used different types of colours for their car as regular painting jobs. Carbon black is a type of colour which is also known as metallic blue. Because it reflects like metallic blue color.

Moreover, BMW used different types of elements in the paint to make the carbon black metallic blue. So, it is true that the BMW carbon black is a type of metallic blue.

Based on the lights, carbon black colour changes its colour and metallic blue is one of them. In dim light, it retains its dark appearance. However, in the presence of light, you will discover a metallic blue colour from the car’s body.

With the metallic blue colour of the BMW car, it looks impressive and glorious without any doubts. So, you can say that BMW’s carbon black colour is a type of metallic blue colour.

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How Popular Is BMW Carbon Black?

How Popular Is BMW Carbon Black?

Different models of BMW cars use different colours because everyone’s tastes are different. For example, some people love the pure black colour for their cars and some of them carbon blue.

According to BMW manufacturer experience, carbon black car is one of the most selling cars in BMW. So, it is very popular and people love this colour.

BMW carbon black colour is popular for several reasons. Now, I am going to share with you some of them. So, let’s get started.

  • Carbon black changes its colour based on the lights
  • This colour provides the car premium vibe which the users
  • This colour does not attract dust, dirt, and other harmful things
  • Stay safe with any kind of temperature
  • Easy to clean and repair

Is BMW Carbon Black Metallic Blue or Black?

The answer is both. Typically, carbon black is a black colour. The elements of the carbon black provide black shine in default time.

Similarly, the elements of carbon black also provide a metallic blue vibe. You will get a metallic blue colour when the light is present. But, you may not get blue colour all of the time.

Generally, you will get dark colours in regular weather. But you will discover a metallic blue colour when the light properly falls down on the body of the car.

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How Does BMW Carbon Black Compare To Sapphire Black?

Carbon black and sapphire black are two popular colours in BMW cars. They are also the most selling model of BMW on the market. Though they are both black, you will discover some differences.

In direct sunlight, sapphire black changes to a metallic black colour. On the other hand, carbon black turns into a metallic blue colour under direct sunlight.

On the other hand, carbon black provides a luxurious shine while sapphire provides a stealth appearance. These are the core differences which you will get from BMW Carbon and sapphire black.

Are There Any Complaints About BMW Carbon Black?

Undoubtedly, carbon black is one of the top colours of BMW cars. This colour provides a luxurious feeling to the users which attracts them a lot.

Though this colour is popular and best-selling on the market, it also has some pros and cons. Here, you will get some complaints about BMW carbon black so that you can make the right choice.

First, the colour is ready to bring dust, debris, insects, and other things. It is one of the major reasons which disappoint the users using this colour.

Second, It is a little bit tricky to clean. Because this colour comes with scratches if you don’t clean it carefully.

I hope that you can understand what are the problems with this colour. Before purchasing this colour BMW car, you can keep in mind these factors.

How Do I Know If BMW Carbon Black Is Right For Me?

To find out the best colour of BMW, you should visit your nearby dealership shop to take a trial. It helps you to get a real-life experience and finally consider the best colour.

But, if you are interested in considering BMW carbon black is right for you or not, you should know the pros and cons of this colour. In the above section, I share the cons and advantages so that you can make the right choice.

However, this colour is luxurious without any doubt. It also provides different shades based on the light which looks outstanding. In my personal opinion, this colour is one of the premium and richest colours without any doubt.

BMW Carbon Black Vs Tanzanite Blue

Both of the color is popular in BMW. They also provide luxurious shine. But, you will discover some core differences which I described in the following comparison chart.

Carbon BlackTanzanite Blue
It provides a deep and soft blue colorIt provides deep and soft blue color
It provides a metallic blue shineThe default color is blue
It is little bit tricky to cleanFlexible and easy to clean
More popular than Tanzanite blueLess popular than carbon black

Should You Get A BMW In Carbon Black?

Undoubtedly, you can go for a carbon black colour to get the luxurious feeling. This colour of BMW is much more popular than some other colours of BMW cars.

From this colour of the BMW car, you will also get a metallic blue shine when the light is present. Metallic blue is truly an awesome colour which attracts you a lot.

But, you should also keep in mind that the BMW carbon black colour is a little bit tricky to clean and sometimes you may need to hire an expert person to clean the car.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Is carbon black metallic actually blue?

Answer: Carbon black turns into blue colour when the light is dim. It is neither black nor blue it is a combination of blue and black colour. Based on the light, it changes the colour.

Q: What is the colour code for carbon black metallic BMW?

Answer: 416 is the colour code for the carbon black metallic BMW. Moreover, you can also check out their website to learn more about the colour code of the carbon black metallic BMW car model.

Q: What is blue vs black carbon?

Answer: Blue and black carbon are completely different from each other. You will get a different colour sense from these two colours in a BMW car. However, black carbon also contains the elements of blue colour.

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