Heatshield Vs WeatherTech Sun Shade| Comparing and Differing

Heatshield vs WeatherTech sun shade

Plenty of protective products are on the market, and Heatshield and sun shade are among them. These two products are widely used on cars, trucks, jeeps, and some other vehicles to get better protection from the sun.

The core comparison of Heatshield Vs Weathertech sun shade reflects the heat and blocks the lights. Heatshield is ready to provide both of the performances (block lights and reflects heat), but WeatherTech sun shade is not ready to reflect the heat. It only blocks the lights which come from the sun.

Moreover, the build-in quality of Heatshield is also much better than Sun shade. Heatshield can also reduce gas, but WeatherTech is not ready to reduce gas. However, keep reading to get a perfect comparison and finally select the best one for your vehicle.

Who Is Heatshield?

Heatshield is a critical component that is used for thermal management in wide applications. It is also called a barrier of the vehicle. You will easily assemble Heatshield for your whole car.

Heatshield is designed to protect both the interior and exterior of the car from SUV, UV, UV rays, and other harmful things. The product is also ready to reduce heat from the car’s leather or other materials seat.

Unlike other car protective products, Heatshield created a strong layer to block the lights and reflect the heat. Overall, this protection is ready to provide one of the best performances to protect the interior and exterior car from harmful things.

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Who Is WeatherTech Sun Shade?

WeatherTech sun shade is another protective product that blocks light. The product manufacturer designed this protective thing to protect your car from heat.

The main task of this product is keeping warm in the winter season and keeping cold on hot summer days. So, you will protect your vehicle from excess sun, UV, SUV, and other harmful things.

Unlike the above Heatshiled, WeatherTech is not ready to reflect the heat. So, if you keep your vehicle under the sun for a while, the whole car’s interior will be heated.

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Heatshield Vs WeatherTech Sun Shade (Best Comparison)

Though Heatshield and WeatherTech Sun Shade are two popular protective products, they have visible differences from each other. Here, you will discover 5 core differences between Heatshield & WeatherTech to make the right choice.


First of all, Heatshield is much more popular than WeatherTech. They are popular because of their quality products and first-class technical support. These are the core reasons to sell their Heatshield protective products a lot.

Protection from Heat

Undoubtedly, Heatshield is much popular because of reflects heat and blocks lights. Heatshield is ready to reflect 97% of heat, keeping your car’s interior cool.

On the other hand, WeatherTech has only blocked the lights. It is unable to reflect much heat. For this reason, you will face heat problems when you park your car under the sun for a long-time.

Size Issue

Undoubtedly, both products come with enough size to assemble on the car. For assembling, you will get small, medium, and large-size products, both Heatshield and WeatherTech.

But, if we need to compare by sizing, it is true that Heatshield is a little bit larger than Sun Shade protective product.


From these two products, you will get long-lasting performance. The manufacturers used high-quality materials, which made the product durable. Similarly, Heatshield is far better than WeatherTech because of several reasons.


Heatshield is one of the best selections for a person who has a tight budget. Heatshield products are affordable to buy. On the contrary, WeatherTech is a little bit more expensive than Heatshield to buy.

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HeatshieldWeatcherTech Sun Shade
It reflects 97% of heat and blocks lightsIt only blocks lights
Budget-friendly to purchaseIt is a little bit expensive to buy
Generally, Heatshield is an insulatorGenerally, Weathertech is a sunshade
Heatshield is suitable for large areasThere have some limitations to using WeatherTech
Provide long-lasting performanceIt is also long-lasting but not like Heatshield

How Are They Similar?

Now, you have in-depth information about the differences between Heatshield and Weathertech. In this section, you will discover some points which help you to understand how they are similar.

Both Are Protective

Weathertech provides sun shade type of protection products. On the other hand, Heatshield is ready to provide an insulator type of product. Both of the goals of the protective product are same to protect the vehicle from heat and lights.

Easy to Use

Though they have different materials and construction, both of the products are easy to use. You can easily use the products on your vehicle without facing any problems. Before applying the products to your vehicle, read out the instruction properly.

Are Sun Shields & Heatshield Worth It?

Sun Shields and Heatshield are two well-known protective products used most of the time for protecting the vehicle. However, the Sun shield is ready to protect the vehicle from sunshine and heat.

On the other hand, you will discover maximum protection from Heatshield products because the layer and the materials are ready to reflect the heat and block the lights to keep the cool down interior of the car in summer.

Overall, your car will get maximum protection and long-term performance from these two products. So, it is clearly said that both of the products are worth enough to protect the car from excess sun shine or heat.

Who Should Get Heatshield?

Heatshield is truly a good protective product for the car. Every car owner can use heatshield products on the car. Especially, Heatshield is suitable for people who live in hot summer areas because of getting the cool feeling.

On the other hand, Heatshield is also a good solution for someone with a tight budget but still wants high-quality sun protection. Overall, the product is the best option for long-time uses.

Who Should Get WeatherTech Sun Shade?

WeatherTech produces sun shade products to protect the vehicle. Though you will get the best materials and performance from WeatherTech, you must pay extra money to purchase their product.

Similarly, Weathertech Sun Shade is a good solution for people in cold environments areas people. Because it is unable to reflect excess heat which comes from the sun. Even the product is unable to protect the vehicle from heavy UV rays.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Do sunshades help with heat?

Answer: Sunshades products are designed to protect the vehicle from extreme sunshine. Moreover, sunshade product creates a layer that reflects the heat and keeps the car’s interior cool.

Q: Do car sun shades keep heat out?

Answer: First of all, sun shades keep the heat reflecting so that the heat doesn’t come in your car. This process keeps your interior cool down, and you never face heat problems from your car dashboard and leather seat.

Q: What type of car sun shade is best?

Answer: You have to consider the reflected version to get the best sunshades. If the sunshade doesn’t come with a reflection system, the sunshade only blocks the lights, which can’t keep cool down in your car interior and also creates several problems.

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