Hazard Lights Come On When I Open My Door

Hazard lights come on when I open my door

turn on and off the hazard lights. But, sometimes hazard lights automatically turn on when we open the car door which is truly sucked.

Hazard lights come on when I open my door means that the lighting systems have some issues. The most common cause is a jamb-switch problem. Generally, the jamb switch controls the connection between the radio and interior lights. When it comes to an internal problem, the hazard lights turn on when you open the door.

Despite this jamb-switch problem, you will also discover other problems such as hazard switch damage, door hinges being defective, bad wire connections, and so on. This article helps you to get exact causes and solutions.

What Is Hazard Light?

hazard lights are the pair of flashing lights that drivers used at night and also warn other car drivers. It is also called a flash hazard or flashing light. The car used front and backside hazard lights.

This light is also worked as an indicator. The backside of the car hazard lights helps the other drivers with their driver thoughts. Overall, hazard lights help drivers safely drive.

On the other hand, hazard lights also help drivers to drive in dark areas. Especially, the lights help the driver drive at night on the mount areas safely.

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Hazard Lights Come On When I Open My Door (Causes)

So, why do my hazard lights keep coming on? When you open the car door and the hazard lights turn on means there are some issues. Sometimes the manufacturer creates this situation because helps you to know that you closed the door properly.

But, why is this problem coming out? Let’s find out the issues and solve them quickly.

Jamb Switch Issue

The Jamb switch controls the hazard lights section. When this switch is damaged or fused, you need to understand that the radio and hazard lights worked automatically. The switch ensures your car radio and hazard lights worked properly.

Clogged Hazard Switch

When you don’t clean or inspect the hazard switch of your car for a long-time, your switch probably comes clogged. This problem makes the switch helpless to control everything. When your hazard switch comes with a clogged problem, it works automatically without any doubts.

Hazard Lights Switch Fused Damaged

The fused is the main part of the switch. When your hazard lights switch fused damaged, the lights automatically turn on and off. Though the fused damaged switch not only turns on the lights when you open the door, it also turns off anytime without providing you any signs.

Bad Wire Connection

This is another cause which I found on my car. A bad wire connection turns on the hazard light when you open the car door. On the other hand, it also turns off the hazard light when you open the car door. So, you have to fix this problem to avoid turning on hazard lights automatically and also avoid other problems.

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How to Fix My Hazard Lights That Automatically Turn On When I Open the Door?

Now, you have enough information about the causes of hazard lights automatically turning on when you open the door. But, how can you fix these problems? Check out the following solution to avoid these problems easily.

Jamb Switch Problem Solution

This is the main cause and I strongly believe that after solving this problem, you can solve your hazard lights problem. First of all, you need to inspect the jamb switch. If the switch is damaged, you will get a bad smell and also change the color of the switch.

If the switch is damaged and it is hard enough to repair, you should purchase a new jamb switch and replace the switch with the previous one.

Clean the Switch Properly

Sometimes hazard lights switch don’t want to work because o clogged and other things. You need to clean dust, clogged, and other things from the switch so that you can easily control the lights and stop the automatic working system.

Changed the Fused Damaged Switch

When the hazard lights switch fused damaged, it started to work automatically. You may not control the hazard lights when the switch fused comes with problems. In this situation, you should change the fuse as soon as possible to fix the problem.

Check the Wire Connection

Sometimes bad wire connection makes the hazard lights automatic to work. You should check out the wire connection from the hazard lights switch to the car door. If you find any loose connections or damaged wiring system, you need to fix them as soon as possible.

These solutions are enough to solve the problem. If you still find the problem after applying the above method, you can take help from an automotive shop.

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Does Having Your Hazard Lights on Drain Your Battery?

The answer is yes. Hazard lights even other lights of the car line trunk lights are ready to drain the battery. Car lights take power and finally drain the car battery.

This problem comes out when you continuously use hazard lights and don’t turn off them timely. Sometimes, people use hazard lights all night which drain the battery without any doubt.

Besides hazard lights, your car dashboard, headlights, speaker, radio, and other things also drain the battery. But, they only drain the battery when you don’t use them properly.

If your car comes with an old-aged battery, you should carefully use the lights. But, if you think that your car battery is a new and premium grade, you should not worry about this matter.

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Is It Essential to Keep Hazard Lights on My Car?

When you keep hazard lights on your car, you will get some benefits. Moreover, the following points help you to understand whether hazard lights are essential for your car or not.

  • Hazard lights warn other car drivers so that they don’t damage your car and stay away when you stop to drive on the road.
  • Hazard lights are essential to driving at night. Because they provide proper shine to drive the car automatically.
  • On rainy or foggy days, you also need to use hazard lights. Without using hazard lights, you can’t drive the car on foggy or rainy days.
  • You will easily control the hazard lights with the switch. So, you don’t need to be worried about hazard lights.

Yes, hazard lights are essential but you have to use them properly. Because hazard lights drain the car battery.

What Is the Connection Between Hazard Light & Door?

There is no connection between hazard lights and car doors. When you open the car door and the hazard lights turn on means other areas have some problems.

For example, hazard lights switch problem, jamb-switch issue, and some other problems which I describe in the above section.

So, if you find the hazard lights problems to open the door, you need to focus on the hazard lights section. The door of the car and hazard lights are two different things.

Hazard Lights Flashing When Car Locked

Sometimes the manufacturer makes this system so that the car owners understand that the car is locked properly. But, if the lights continuously flashed, you need to understand that there have some problems.

For example, faulty flasher relay, damaged hazard switch, and other problems worked here. You should focus on the faulty flasher relay because this problem keeps the light flushing when you locked the door.

If you find a faulty flasher relay problem, you need to replace it with a new faulty flasher relay. Or, you will also check out the other problems (describe the above) when the faulty flasher relay is working properly.

Hazard Lights Turn on When Car Is Off

When your car is off and hazard lights turn on, it means that the car doors don’t lock properly. It is a common cause that I found in my car. However, you will also check out the following causes to know why your car hazard lights turn on when the car is off.

  • A broken or clogged hazard light switch cause this problem
  • The malfunctioned sensor is another problem
  • Corrosion problems of the electric part
  • Earthing problem
  • Bad wire connection problem

These 5 problems are common which keep the hazard light turned on. You need to check out these 5 points and solve them as soon as possible.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Why do my hazard lights keep coming on by themselves?

Answer: The hazard lights keep coming on by themselves because of several reasons. First of all, poor door locks, faulty switches, electrical part problems, switch issues, and so on. You have to focus on these points to easily find out the issue and fix the problem.

Q: Why do my hazards come on when I lock my car?

Answer: The hazard come on when you locked the car because of the locking problem. On the other hand, faulty flasher relay also causes this problem. I would love to suggest you hire an expert to find out the problem and solve the issue.

Q: Can hazard lights damage battery?

Answer: When the battery is old and doesn’t come with a premium solution, hazard lights damage the battery. Besides the hazard light, the other lights of the car and radio as well as the dashboard also damage the battery of the car.

Is It Clear to You?

Hazard lights are essential to drive the car safely and also save the car from other cars. The lights also warn other cars to stay away from the car. But, if your car always turns on the hazard lights, your car battery will drain. However, when you open the door and the hazard lights turn on, you should focus on the switch, wire connection, jamb switch, and other areas to fix the problems.

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