Can You Use Bedliner On Fender Flares? [Answer & Guide]

Can you use Bedliner on Fender Flares

Bedliner is one of the best-protecting coats for the car. This coat is ready to protect the car paint from harmful things. Moreover, car owners will get many advantages to using the Bedliner on fender flares.

So, can you use bedliner on fender flares? The answer is yes. It is ready to protect the car paint from dust, mud, humidity, scratches, and other things. Bedliner is a perfect and durable coat that is ready to protect the fender flares strongly.

However, this article helps you to get a clear concept about this matter and also helps you to make the right decision. So, let’s get started.

What Is Bedliner?

A bedliner is a type of coat that is used for protecting the car or truck paint from mud, dust, humidity, and so on. This coat is popular and easily fits with the car.

On the other hand, bedliners are popular for protecting the fender flares of the car or trucks. Moreover, the bedliner is easy to clean and most of the users used water to clean it.

Moreover, a bedliner is used for protecting the floor of the open truck and also protects the floor of the car. It is also foldable. So, users can easily fold the bedliner.

Undoubtedly, a bedliner is a wonderful creation for car paint protection. Most of the time, users use it to protect the car paint from scratches.


  • It provides a glossy looked
  • Protects from dust, debris, and scratches
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Easy to clean and use


  • It may easily leak

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Can You Use Bedliner on Fender Flares?

Undoubtedly, you can use bedliner on fender flares. But, why should you use bedliner on fender flares? Check out the following points to get a clear concept.

  • More Durable Coating on the Fender Flares

Bedliner is one of the best coats for the fender flares. However, a durable bedliner is ready to protect the fender flares from harmful things.

For example, your car paint will be protected from dust, mud, and stretches. Moreover, users will also get a brand new look for the fender flares.

  • Easy to Use

The bedliner is easy to use. According to my experience, bedliners come in multiple sizes which helps you to choose your own car size.

It would be better for you to check out the bedliner size according to your fender flares to hassle-free assemble the coast.

  • Long Time Performance

When you use a high-quality bedliner on your fender flares, you will use the product for a long time. It also provides you with a dry performance which also provides your fender flares a glossy finish.

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How To Spray Bedliner On Fender Flares?

How To Spray Bedliner On Fender Flares?

Spraying bedliners in fender flares is an easy task. To spray the bedliner on the fender flares, you have to collect some essential things. So, collect the following equipment and follow the step-by-step guide.

  • Bedliner (You need to choose the best one)
  • Primer (Go for plastic primer if you have a plastic fender)
  • A microfiber cloth
  • Car wash shampoo
  • And some water

Step 1: Unbox Fender Flares

First of all, you need to unbox the fender flares. To do that you need to unscrew the bolts holding the flares in place and of course you need to pop them off.

Step 2: Wash the Flares

If you think that your flares are dirty because of driving on the mud or the road, you need to wash them. You can use shampoo to wash the flares.

You can also use a pressure washer to clean the flares. It is truly awesome for you to use a pressure washer to get a deep cleaning performance.

Step 3: Sanding

Fender flares should be sanded before using the bedliner on the car or truck. It is important because sanding helps the fender flares easily fit.

On the other hand, you have to sand the fender flares deeply so that all of the surface is easily removed and you don’t need to apply other things.

Step 4: Try to Spray the Plastic Primer on the Flare

The primer is ready to promote adhesion between the flare and the bedliner. That’s why it is important for a person to use primer before use the bedliner.

Spray all of the areas of the plastic primer to get the best performance. However, make sure that you spray all of the areas to get better performance.

Step 5: Spray 2 or 3 Coat of Bedliners

After drying out the primer properly, you need to spray the bedliner. There are plenty of types of bedliner you will discover from the market and you need to choose your own bedliner from them.

Choose a durable and high-quality bedliner for your work. Make sure that you spray 2 or 3 coats of bedliners on the fender flares to get the best performance.

Step 6: Wait for the Drying Bedliner

You have to wait until the bedliner dries out. After drying the bedliner properly, you need to install the fender flares. Take your time to apply 1 to 5 steps properly.

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Can You Use Bedliner on Fender Flares Chevy?

Undoubtedly, you can use a bedliner on Fender Flares Chevy. But, you have to keep in mind some important points to using a bedliner on the Fender flares Chevy.

First, you have to wash the fender properly. You can use shampoo and other chemicals to wash the Chevy Fender flares properly.

Secondly, you have to sand the flares and also use plastic primer on the fender. After drying the primer, you can spray the bedliner on the car.

Finally, you can install fender flares on the bedliner without facing any troubles. You can also check out the above step-by-step guidelines to use a bedliner on your Chevy.

How Long Will Bedliner Last On Fender Flares?

Based on my research, quality bedliners last on fender flares for about 3 to 6 years. If the users are the bedliner properly, it serves the car more time without any doubts.

Though a bedliner lasts on the fender flares, you will discover some of the bedliners come at cheap prices and are not durable.

Before purchasing a bedliner for the fender flare, you have to read out the user manual properly and try to consider a branded bedliner for your car fender flares.

Spraying Vs. Brushing Bedliner On Fender Flares

You can use both bedliners and spray paint on the fender flares without facing any problems. Brushing is a traditional way to use a bedliner on the fender flares.

On the other hand, spraying is a modern solution to apply a bedliner on the fender flares. Though both are working, the sprayer provides a better solution without any doubts.

So, which one should you use? Well, you can use a spraying system to make the process faster and get a professional performance. Try to use a premium-grade sprayer to spray the bedliner on the fender flares.

What Is The Best Bedliner To Use On Fender Flares?

No doubt, there are plenty of manufacturers on the market that provide the best quality products. They also claim that their products are of the best quality.

However, you have to consider the best one from these multiple coats. According to truck owners, Rustoleum is often the go-to choice. You can go for Rustoleum to get a lasting performance.

Overall, you should consider the best quality products. But, how can you consider a high-quality bedliner for using fender flare?

To choose a quality bedliner, you should check out good ratings, and read out user manuals, or you can also take the suggestion from an automotive expert person.

What’s The Cost Of Having Bedliner Professionally Applied To Fender Flares?

As I mentioned the equipment in the above section, you need to collect them. These pieces of equipment are not expensive to buy. So, you don’t need to spend much money.

But, you may need to spend some extra money to consider a quality bedliner for the fender flares. Though it is a little bit expensive, you will get a lasting performance.

If you think that the process is hard enough and expensive for you, you can contact an automotive shop to get the service at a minimum cost.

Can You Apply Bedliner On Scratched Fender Flares?

Fender flares are scratches because of dust, humidity, wind, and some other things. However, you can apply a bedliner on the scratches and fender flares.

Before applying the bedliner on the scratches on the fender flares, you should sand it properly so that the bedliner easily fits.

Moreover, you can also use shampoo and other elements to clean the fender flares properly. After drying the fender flares you can apply bedliner to get the best performance.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What kind of paint do you use on fender flares?

Answer: You can use high-quality enamel or polyurethane automotive paint. There are different types of paints on the market for Fender flares which you can choose. Note, you have to choose the best paint for the Fender flares.

Q: Can I spray paint fender flares?

Answer: Of course, you can spray paint fender flares without facing any troubles. But, you should clean the area first and then need to spray it. You will also sand the area to fit the paint on the fender flares properly.

Q: What do you put on fender flares?

Answer: You can put a bedliner on the fender flares. The bedliner is ready to protect the paint from scratches, dust, and other harmful things.

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