Can You Reuse Piston Rings After Honing? [The Best Answer]

can you reuse piston rings after honing

A piston ring is an essential part of the vehicle. When it is damaged, the oil cap produces smoke or steam. Moreover, there are several problems created when the piston ring is damaged.

So, can you reuse piston rings after honing? The answer is yes. You need to replace the piston rings. To do that, you need to ensure that the level-up of the top section of the cylinder wall breaks off the glaze. It is also called honing process. Similarly, it would help if you also seated the ring properly.

Based on the condition of the piston rings, you need to make the right choice whether you need to replace or repair the piston ring. This article will give you a complete idea to get a clear concept.

What Is Piston Ring?

A piston ring is a metallic split ring that attaches the outer diameter of a piston to an internal part of the combustion or the engine’s smoke.

Moreover, it acts to carry heat away from the hot piston into the cold wall cylinder of the engine. Overall, the piston ring helps the engine to keep cold and makes the engine life longer.

Furthermore, piston rings help the engine to take excess pressure and run smoothly. When the piston ring is damaged, you find smoke from the oil filter cap. Most important, the piston ring is composed for keeping the engine coolant.

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What Is Honing?

Honing is created as an abrasive that precision surfaces on a piece of metal. It is used for a variety of applications of automotive engines, such as finishing cylinders.

Moreover, honing is also used to rotate the tool with an abrasive to remove the metal from the cylinder. Overall, honing is connected with the piston ring and plays the essential role of the engine.

Can You Reuse Piston Rings After Honing?

You can reuse piston rings after honing without creating any problems. But, you have to focus on the health condition of the piston rings after honing.

If your vehicle piston rings are damaged, you have to replace them with a new one. On the other hand, you can repair and reuse the piston rings when it doesn’t damage a lot.

But, if the cylinder has to be bored or changed the size like oversized, you have to consider a new piston ring after honing to remove wear.

However, check out the following points and match them with your piston ring. If you think that all are okay, you can avoid purchasing a new piston ring for your vehicle.

  • If the piston ring comes in good shape after honing
  • When you hone a small amount
  • The piston ring is not damaged a lot
  • Or, you can repair the piston ring
  • If the ring is not cracked

If you find these points of your piston ring, you can easily avoid changing your piston ring. Note the piston ring is very inexpensive, which you can easily afford.

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How Can I Tell If My Piston Rings Can Be Reused?

To know that the piston rings can be reused, you need to know the condition of the piston ring. If the piston ring has good condition, you can reuse your piston ring without any doubts.

Here, you will get some signs that help you measure your piston ring condition. So, check out the following points to know whether you can reuse the piston ring or not.

  • If you find smoke from your vehicle engine oil cap, you must understand that the piston ring is dead and use a new one.
  • Lacking power is another bad sign of a piston ring
  • Decreased the performance
  • Check out the wrist pin clearance. If the pin is damaged, you should also avoid using the piston ring
  • Check out the piston ring measurement. If the size is changed or oversize, you should avoid reusing the piston ring.

These points are truly important to understand whether you can reuse the piston rings or not.

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Do You Have to Hone Cylinders When Replacing Rings?

It is recommended to use hone cylinders when you replace the piston rings or repair the engine. With honing cylinders, it is easier for you to replace the rings.

But, when the hone comes with good marks, you can avoid using hone cylinders when you are going to replace the piston ring. Besides, you need to change the piston ring after the cylinder using hone.

However, you can also avoid changing the piston ring when you are using the hone in very limited times. But, it is recommended to use hone cylinders when replacing the rings.

Can I Replace Piston Rings Without Honing The Cylinder?

Though it is not recommended, you can replace piston rings without honing the cylinder. But, you need to ensure that the hone comes with good mark.

Moreover, you should also focus on the piston ring condition when you don’t use a hone. Because most of the time piston becomes damaged, we need to use a new piston ring.

Will Reusing Old Piston Rings Affect Cylinder Compression?

I don’t recommend using old piston rings after honing them when it doesn’t come in good condition. When you use old or bad piston rings on the engine, your engine will produce several problems.

First, old piston rings affect cylinder compression. It is especially affected by the oil section and product smoke.

Secondly, the engine performance will be lost when you use old piston rings on the engines. So, it is clear that the piston ring affects not only cylinder compression but also other areas.

Is It Worth Replacing Old Piston Rings?

When you replace old piston rings with new piston rings, your vehicle engine performance will increase and avoid several problems. Bad piston rings created smoke, engine life problems, and so on.

On the other hand, old piston rings are oversized, which is a little bit tricky to use. You should use a new piston ring when your vehicle piston rings are damaged.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Do you need new rings after hone?

Answer: It depends on the ring condition. You may not buy a new piston ring if you use very little hone. On the other hand, if the piston ring is worn, cracked, or damaged deeply and hard enough to repair, you can consider new rings after honing.

Q: Can you use the same piston rings?

Answer: You can use the same piston rings when the piston ring comes in good condition. If the piston rings come with cracked, damaged, or other problems, it would be better for you to avoid using the same piston rings.

Q: Does honing increase bore size?

Answer: The answer is yes. Honing increases bore size and make it oversize without any doubts. Based on using the honing on the piston ring, the size of the bore depends.


Now, you have enough information about the piston ring of your car. You can reuse your piston ring when it doesn’t crack, damage, or wear, as well as oversize. On the other hand, if the hone comes with good marks, you can reuse your car’s piston ring to get better performance.

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