Audi Brilliant Black Vs Mythos Black [Compared]

Audi Brilliant Black Vs Mythos Black

A black Audi looks aggressive and mean. When you set a pair of great-looking wheels, the Audi may turn its head wherever you drive. If you want to drive your black Audi, you should choose a different shade.

Audi Brilliant black Vs Mythos black help you to hassle-free compare from each other. They are the most popular shade in the automotive industry. However, you will discover these two things’ cost, gloss, personality, design, and popularity differences.

This article helps you to get a clear concept about these two things individually and also get a proper difference. So, keep reading to get further information.

What Is Audi Brilliant Black?

Audi Brilliant black is a popular shade for black Audi cars. The feature of Brilliant Audi is quiet and not too much dull. It is ready to provide a natural shade, which looks decent.

Moreover, Audi Brilliant Black does not reflect the light a lot. Moreover, it also avoids conflict with your car paint. So, the paint is not damaged when you use Audi Brilliant.

Furthermore, it is easily adjusted with any type of Audi model. Brilliant black is also easy to use. Overall, Audi Brilliant Black is perfect for Audi owners to lead a professional life.

However, Audi Brilliant Black comes with both pros and cons. Check out the following pros and cons section to get the clear concept and make the right choice.


  • After cleaning properly, it looks amazing
  • It is a little bit inexpensive to buy
  • Always glance for the professional persons
  • Easy to use and clean


  • It is hard enough to maintain
  • It shows scratches

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What Is Audi Mythos Black?

You will get extreme differences between Audi Brilliant Black and Audi Mythos Black. Mythos is a metallic version and the way of glossier.

Unlike the Audi Brilliant black, Mythos is reflected in the light. But, the light may not reflect when the detailing shop professionally uses Audi Mythos black.

On the other hand, Mythos Black is ready to provide more deep black performance. Undoubtedly, it is a stunning and standard shade for professional persons.

Audi Mythos black is more beautiful than Audi Brilliant black. But, it has a drawback. Audi Mythos is harder to maintain than Audi Brilliant Black. There are plenty of advantages you will discover from Audi Mythos.


  • It is one of the best colour for showing the car
  • It reflects more light and glossier
  • You will get more blend with a wide range of wheel
  • It is ready to provide unique and standard shade


  • It is a little bit tricky to maintain
  • It is more expensive than Audi Brilliant black

Differences Between Audi Brilliant Black & Mythos Black

Differences Between Audi Brilliant Black & Mythos Black

The differences between Audi Brilliant Black and Mythos Black are like day and night. This section helps you to get some core differences between these two shades.

  • Light Reflects

First of all, you will discover visible differences in light reflected between these two shades. However, Mythos is ready to reflect more lights than Audi Brilliant Black. Moreover, Mythos provide more standard shade than Audi Brilliant.

  • Cost

Both of the shades are expensive to buy. But, when we compare each other, Mythos Black is more expensive than Audi Brilliant. Why?

Because Mythos come with better quality ingredients than Audi Brilliant. Moreover, it is ready to reflect more light than Audi Brilliant.

  • Gloss

Mythos used metallic flake, which helps this shade to provide a more glossy finish than Audi Brilliant. Most Audi owners often consider Audi Brilliant as flat. Note it doesn’t mean that Audi Brilliant is dull and does not work properly.

  • Personality

Both shades come in black, but their personalities are different. Audi Brilliant is the favourite of Audi owners for their professional careers.

On the other hand, the Audi owners used Mythos black to show the car and also get a unique shade. Moreover, Mythos provide more shades than Brilliant which increases the personality.

A Comparison Chart Between Audi Brilliant Black Vs Mythos Black

Audi Brilliant BlackAudi Mythos Black
Less reflects the lightsMore reflects the lights
Inexpensive than Audi Mythos BlackExpensive than Audi Brilliant Black
Shows scratchesDon’t shows scratches
Suitable for professional careersAudi lovers choose it for getting unique things
Provides less glossy and shineProvides more glossy and shine

How Are They Similar?

Now, you have a complete idea about the differences between these two shades. From this section, you will get the similarities between these two shades to get a full concept.

  • Both Are Difficult to Maintain

Undoubtedly, both of the shades are popular, and they provide standard shades. But, they are difficult to maintain and need an expert person for installation. You may find little differences to maintain them.

  • Both of them Are Black

Though you will discover glossy and other differences, they are black. You may be unable to choose other colours for your Audi.

Is Audi Brilliant Black metallic?

The answer is no. Brilliant black is not metallic. The manufacturer is not used metallic elements in this shade.

For this reason, you will get less glossy and standard shade from Brilliant Black. Audi Brilliant also less reflects the light due to not using metallic.

So, it is clearly said that Audi Brilliant Black doesn’t come with metallic elements. If you want to get the metallic feature, you can go for Audi Mythos black.

Who Should Choose Audi Brilliant Black?

Audi Brilliant is an awesome shade for the black colour Audi. It comes with less light reflection and also looks professional.

Undoubtedly, Audi Brilliant Black suits Audi owners who want to use the shade for a professional career. On the other hand, it is easy to use and provides the best performance.

Though Audi Brilliant is easy to use and provides quality performance, it is hard enough to maintain. So, if you want to use Audi Brilliant Black for your Audi, you need to keep in mind to maintain it properly.

Who Should Choose Audi Mythos Black?

Audi Mythos black is always my favourite. Audi Mythos Black is ready to provide a deep black shade and also reflects the lights more than Audi Brilliant.

Moreover, it makes the car glossy and has a standard finish to show the car properly. On the other hand, Audi Mythos provide a unique shade which increases your personality.

Overall, it is more expensive than Audi Brilliant. So, if you think that you don’t have a tight budget, you can go for Audi Mythos Black to get the best performance.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What is the difference between Audi Black Edition and normal?

Answer: You will get more advantages From Audi black edition than normal. For example, you will get more light reflections, deep shade, and others. So, it would be better for you to use the Audi black edition.

Q: What is the most popular Audi colour?

Answer: Black is the most popular Audi colour, undoubtedly. Moreover, white/grey/silver are also popular Audi colours. You will discover better shades from the black colour than other Audi colours.

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