Are Auto Dimming Mirrors Worth It? Actually Useful

Are auto dimming mirrors worth it

All of the cars come with rear and inside mirrors. They work normally without creating any problems. But, when the sun shines on the mirror, it reflects, and for a sudden time, you are unable to see the mirror as well as other things, which creates several accidents.

Are auto dimming mirrors worth it? The auto-dimming mirror is truly far better than the normal mirrors of the car. It doesn’t reflect the sun’s shine and provides you with a crystal-clear view. On the other hand, the auto-dimming mirror is one of the best solutions to avoid other car headlights solution at night. The majority of the auto-dimming mirror comes at affordable price and provide unbelievable performance.

Undoubtedly, an auto-dimming mirror is enough but. But, I would love to suggest you keep reading to get a complete idea and make the right decision about this matter.

What Is Auto Dimming Mirrors

Typically, auto-dimming mirrors are the rearview mirror. It is invented because of driving at night without getting light reflection as well as a clear view. It does not only reflect the light but also avoids the fogging issue in winter to drive.

It is connected to your car’s electric power system. The smart sensor is easily detected light from the front and behind, which comes from other vehicles. This mirror’s most interesting feature is making it dim when needed.

The auto-dimming mirror is also a good solution for driving on hill roads. Because. Hill roads have a mirror system to detect other vehicles, which use headlights and other lights.

The auto-dimming mirror was first time in making the 1950s. The mirror was produced for business purposes in 1980. The auto-dimming mirror always plays a vital role in providing safe driving in any situation.

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Are Auto Dimming Mirrors Worth It?

It depends on you. But, there are some core points I will share with you which will help you easily understand whether the auto-dimming mirror is worth enough for you or not.

First, the auto-dimming mirror is different from other types of mirrors. This mirror has some special features that provide safety in any weather condition. Especially this mirror doesn’t reflect light or fog.

Second, now auto-dimming mirror provides time (clock), weather conditions, temperature, and others so that you don’t need to find out the clock or other things to see these things.

Third, You will easily control the brightness of the mirror. The modern auto-dimming is ready to control the brightness by voice control or touch control.

These three points are enough to understand whether or not the auto-dimming mirror is worth enough for you. According to my experience, you should not miss using an auto-dimming mirror for better driving performance.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Auto Dimming Mioor

Undoubtedly, auto-dimming mirrors have both pros and cons. Though this mirror has lots of benefits, you will also discover some cons. So, check out the following pros and cons table to get a better idea.

Auto-dimming Mirror provide safe drivingSometimes the auto-dimming mirror disconnected
It is suitable for driving at night and on sunny daysMost of the time, the auto-dimming mirror doesn’t come with a waterproof design
Takes very less energy which doesn’t affect your car batteryNone
It is suitable for driving at night and on sunny daysNone
Inexpensive to buy and installNone

How to Auto Dimming Mirrors Work?

The auto-dimming mirrors detect the lights which come from another vehicle. This mirror used electrochromic. The main reason to use this mirror is for electrochromic.

When it gets light or fog, the sensor of this mirror starts to change the color. The brightness becomes low and doesn’t reflect lights, helping the users focus on driving.

However, the following components you will discover from the auto-dimming mirror. These components help the mirror to work properly.

  • Glare Sensor: It works two ways, such as detecting the lights and sending the signal to the mirror for taking action.
  • Control Unit: It has a control unit that helps the users to control brightness and other functions.
  • Ambient sensor: This is another sensor that also works to dim the mirror when lights reflect on the mirror.

These are the core components that you will discover in an auto-dimming mirror. However, you will also discover other components, such as movement control, physical control, and so on.

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Auto Dimming Side Mirror not Working (Reason & Solutions)

There are plenty of reasons have which don’t help the mirror to work. Here, you will check out the following list of problems and finally get the solution.

Reason to Not Work Auto-Dimming Side Mirror

  • First, check out that the mirror is active.
  • Secondly, check out the connection. Most of the new car comes with disconnecting mirror.
  • Sometimes clog problems come out, which also creates several problems
  • Finally, you have to check out the fuge system of the mirror


  • Active the mirror. You will get the user manual to activate the mirror.
  • If you find any disconnection problem, you need to solve it as soon as possible.
  • Clean the mirror (especially remove clogged if have one)
  • Change the fuge of the mirror so that the main power system works properly

It is easy to solve the problem. If you are confused and unable to solve this problem, you will take help from an expert or let me know.

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What Cars Have Auto-Dimming Side Mirrors?

There are lots of cars that have auto-dimming mirrors. But, all of the brands don’t apply this mirror to all of the car’s models. For example, Mercedes, Toyota, and some other brands use auto-dimming mirrors for their different models of cars.

If you want to know whether your car has an auto-dimming mirror, you can look out the mirror. The auto-dimming mirror is completely different than a regular mirror.

Touch the mirror and check out the control panel. If you find the control panel of the mirror, you need to understand that your car comes with an auto-dimming mirror. According to my experience, most Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, and other cars brand use auto-dimming mirrors.

Auto Dimming Side Mirror Mercedes

Most Mercedes cars come with auto-dimming mirrors. Specially, you will discover this mirror on a Mercedes-Benz series car. This Mercedes series also provides clear instructions about the auto-dimming mirror in the user manual.

There have any not auto-dimming mirrors on the passenger side. You will discover the mirror on the driver’s side. The other mirror also doesn’t use auto-dimming because they hardly need to use.

On the other hand, Mercedes also used a high-quality auto-dimming mirror. If you newly purchase the car, you may find the mirror with a disconnect situation. In this situation, you need to connect the mirror to the power system.

Auto Dimming Side Mirror BMW

BMW produces different models of the car. And course, they don’t use Auto-dimming mirrors for all of the BMW models cars. But, most BMW cars use auto-dimming mirrors to provide a better driving experience.

However, this mirror used the driver’s side area. So, you will find the mirror on top of the driver’s seat. This mirror helps the driver use it without any lights, fog, or other issues.

Toyota Auto Dimming Side Mirror

My research showed Toyota used an auto-dimming mirror on the driver seat position. But, it is also true that all Toyota cars don’t come with auto-dimming mirrors.

You will manually check out the auto-dimming mirror from your Toyota car. Touch the mirror, and if you find any change, you need to understand that your Toyota used an auto-dimming side mirror.

Why is Auto Dimming Mirror Worth Enough for You?

I found plenty of reasons indicating that a person needs to use an auto-dimming mirror. The auto-dimming mirror is a different type of electric mirror with many features.

I think you should consider an auto-dimming mirror because of the following points. So, check out the following points and make the right decision.

  • Auto-dimming mirror provides a safe driving experience both day and night
  • It never reflects the light, which disappoints your driving time
  • Easy to use and control
  • Take very less power from your car battery
  • You will control the time, temperature, and other things

These are the simple and main points to get a clear concept about the auto-dimming mirror. The automotive experts also suggest using an auto-dimming mirror, especially for the person who needs to drive at night.

Is Auto Dimming Mirror Expensive to Buy?

Based on the features and performance, I don’t think an auto-dimming mirror is expensive. Gentex produces auto-dimming mirrors and supplies their product worldwide.

However, you may need to spend a maximum of $85 to buy Gentx auto-dimming mirror. You don’t need to provide a service charge if you assemble by yourself.

On the other hand, you will also take service from any reputed shop to assemble the mirror on your car. You may need to provide $5 to $10 for the service charge in this situation.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Do auto dimming mirrors work?

Answer: The answer is yes. Auto-dimming mirrors work at night and day. Typically, it is an electric mirror that dims the lights and helps the users to control the brightness.

Q: Why do auto dimming mirrors fail?

Answer: Most of the time, auto-dimming mirrors fail because of the wrong installation. When you failed to install it properly, you face this problem. Moreover, power storage is another reason which fails to work on your auto-dimming mirror.

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