Air Recirculation Button Keeps Turning Off |Reasons & Solutions

Air Recirculation Button Keeps Turning Off

Air recirculation is always an essential part of the car to keep the interior car environment air perfect. But, sometimes, it started to work automatically to turn it on or off. There are plenty of things worked here that keeps the button turning off.

The air recirculation button keeps turning off because the aircon is set in auto. The button keeps turning off to keep the cabin air fresh. When the air’s humidity level becomes so high, it causes fog on the windows. To stop this problem, the air recirculation button automatically started to turn off.

A fuse or faulty switch is also responsible for always turning off your car’s air recirculation button. However, keep reading to know the major issues in detail and get an effective solution.

What Is Air Recirculation on My Car?

An air recirculation system is worked to help the car interior get fresh air and also remove harmful air from the inside of the car. It is an electric system that is connected to your car’s AC.

The air recirculation cuts off the outside air to the inside of the car and makes the car recirculate with air. Moreover, it helps the car cool down instantly and also boosts your car’s air circulation (AC).

Moreover, it is also worked to stop inside pollution of the car. The air recirculation system removes the toxic air from your car inside and provides natural air.

Furthermore, it also keeps protective of your car exhaust from fumes. So, it is truly important to use air recirculation regularly and avoid using air recirculation always in the car.

Air Recirculation Button Keeps Turning Off

You will discover plenty of causes on the web that keep the car’s air recirculation button turning off. But, I am going to share with you some core reasons which I faced and the existing users also face.

Automatic Set Up

When you set up the air recirculation system “auto,” it started to turn off. It automatically started to turn off when the humidity excess on the car and for other reasons. Most of the time, car owners make this mistake.

A Fuse Switch

This is another problem that keeps the air recirculation button from turning off. When the switch is damaged or fused, it is unable to send permission to turn on or off the recirculation.

Clogged Problem

When your air recirculation button is not turned off, and you hardly stop the switch, you need to understand that the switch comes with a clog. The clogged problem comes out when you don’t use the switch for a long time.

Powering Issue

If your car battery is not ready to provide enough power, the switch is not working properly. The air recirculation system needs power to operate properly. Though it is rare, you must focus on this point to fix the problem.

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How to Fix Air Recirculation Keep the Button Turn Off?

After finding the issues, you can fix the problem. According to my experience, the above 4 air recirculation problems are the main culprit which keeps the button turning off.

Solution 1:

Check out the setup of the air recirculation system. If you find the setup auto, you must manually turn it in. After completing the setup, you can turn off or on the air recirculation system of your vehicle.

Solution 2:

Check out the switch of air recirculation. You will discover the switch on your car dashboard. If the switch fuses or you find a burning smell, you should change the switch. Disconnect all the wires and remove the old switch; finally, you need to install the new one.

Solution 3:

This is a simple solution for you. To solve the clogged problem, you have to remove the switch and remove the clog. You will discover plenty of chemicals on the market to remove clogs. After removing the clog, you need to assemble the switch again.

Solution 4:

This is the final solution for you. In this solution, you need to work on the power system. Make sure that the battery provides enough power for the air recirculation. If the battery doesn’t provide enough power, you need to charge the battery and also tighten the connections to fix the problem.

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Why Is My Air Recirculation Button Blinking?

The main reason for the air recirculation button blinking is normal functioning. Moreover, this problem also comes out because of fresh/recirc door isn’t binding.

Similarly, you should also check out the wire connection of the car. Because when the wire comes with the wrong connection, the air recirculation button blinks.

A faulty button is also responsible to keep the button blinking. You need to check out the fuse of the button. If you find any bad smell, especially a burning smell, from the button, you need to change it as soon as possible.

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F150 Air Recirculation Not Working

F150 air recirculation not working means something wrong. However, check out the following reasons and solve the problem immediately.

  • The outside air comes into the car, and the blower produces less air
  • The function of the air recirculation set is “auto.”
  • When the switch of air recirculation becomes clogged, the button not working.
  • If the switch is fused or damaged, F150 air recirculation not worked.

These 4 points are the main culprit: your F150 air recirculation is not working properly. I would love to suggest you to fix this problem as soon as possible.

The Dodge Charger Recirculation Button Blinking

Dodge has a premium recirculation button that helps the AC keep the interior cold quickly. But, sometimes, we notice that the air recirculation button is not working and blinking. So, what is the reason?

First, the charger does not provide enough power or comes with an internal problem which you need to check. On the other hand, power shortage is another big problem which doesn’t provide enough power for the charger.

Should You Leave the Air Recirculation Button Turning On?

The answer is no. You should not leave the air recirculation button turning on. It makes the environment of the car bad enough and toxic after some time.

Moreover, it also affects the battery directly. When you keep the button turning on always, the battery power will be finished or drain the battery.

On the contrary, kids or old people truly suffer from bad health when you always turn on the air recirculation button. So, when you need the air recirculation system, you can use it; otherwise, you need to stop the button.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Why does the air recirculation button turn off?

Answer: There are plenty of factors worked to turn the button off of your air recirculation. First of all, excess humidity and damaged fuse of the switch. On the other hand, clogged and power shortages are other reasons that keep the air recirculation button off.

Q: Should the air circulation button be on or off?

Answer: It depends on your need. You can turn off the air circulation button when you don’t drive your car. It helps you to save the battery life and avoid toxic air. On the other hand, if you need to drive a car, you can turn on the air circulation button to avoid excess warmth and get a comfortable environment.

Q: Is it better to run car AC on recirculation?

Answer: If you want to turn on AC with recirculation, you will get quick cooling performance and a comfortable environment. Keeping AC and recirculation, you will discover fuel-efficient performance. So, without any doubt, you can keep turning on both of them without facing any problems.

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