About Us

Automolung.com is an automotive website that brings tips, tricks, and information from automotive experts. From this website, you will get automotive-related videos, interior and exterior information, repair and replacement solutions, s, etc.

Hi, there; my name is Sagor Jahan. I have been working in the automotive industry since 2017. I have a reputed automotive shop in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I love to research vehicles, both physical and oil sections.

In my automotive life, I find several car owners who do the wrong thing with their cars and spend lots of money to repair or replace the car. Some mistakes are not acceptable.

So, I think I will open a website to help the car owner they can avoid mistakes and reduce the cost. Basically, I am going to share my personal knowledge and also share experts’ options on this website.

Stay connected with this website so that you will get awesome tips, tricks, and other information. If you have any confusion or question, you will also contact me without feeling any hesitation.